CNT-Application Research Center (AIST)


The CNT-Application Research Center supports to resolve a wide range of issues that companies face. The Center aims to accelerate the practical application of carbon nanotubes and contribute to the creation of carbon nanotube industry originate in Japan.

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CNT Application Development Team

The CNT Application Development Team aims at commercialization of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) through the application development of CNTs by taking advantage of the characteristics of single walled CNTs synthesized by the super growth method.

CNT Characterization Team

The CNT Characterization Team is developing characterization methods for the production management of carbon nanotubes.

CNT Synthesis Team

The CNT Synthesis Team focuses on the R&D of synthesis technology of nanomaterials applied in a wide range of applications from micro-energy devices to metal composite materials.


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Collaborative research and development,
an essential part of our Center

The CNT-Application Research Center works on R&D in collaboration with researchers who have various research backgrounds, inside and outside the Center, in an effort to support the creation of new industry utilizing carbon nanotubes.

Carbon Nanotube Alliance

"Carbon Nanotube Alliance" is one of our new endeavors and facilitates carbon nanotubes (CNTs) businesses utilize AIST's various CNT related technologies. Researchers of CNTs in AIST work together as "Carbon Nanotube Alliance" and address research and development, marketing, public relations services, and bridging research and society.

Team of Application for Carbon nanotubes Composite (TACC)

TACC aims to create a new composite materials using carbon nanotube and propose new applications that maximize their performances.
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